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Hazard analysis and risk assessment

We offer the following analytical methods, which may be used as a part of our hazards and risks assessment services:

  • PHA (ang. Preliminary Hazard Analysis): especially useful in the conceptual stage,
  • HAZID (ang. Hazard Identification Study): hazard identification,
  • HAZOP (ang. Hazard and Operability Study): systematic examination of a planned or existing process or operation,
  • EHAZOP (ang. Electrical Hazard and Operability Study): review in a systematic way, the safety and operability of the design of an electrical installation from a technical, maintenance and operational viewpoint,
  • LOPA (ang. Layers of Protection Analysis): analytical tool for assessing the adequacy of protection layers used to mitigate process risk,
  • FTA (ang. Fault Tree Analysis): analysis of fault tree diagrams,
  • RBD (ang. Reliability Block Diagram): a graphical representation of the components of the system and its reliability,
  • FMEA/FMECA (ang. Failure Modes, Effect & Criticality Analysis): analysis of the types, effects and criticality of some defined failures.

A wide range of services allows us to adjust the scope of work according to the Customer’s requirements and impact on the efficient and reliable execution of analyzes and risk assessments. The outcome is a complete and realistic representation of the hazards and risks associated with an industrial plant as a whole or parts of it.

We are able to assist in the process of specifying criteria for risk acceptability of technical facilities by developing risk matrixes, adapted to the specifications of each industrial plant. Due to the results of any risk analysis for identified accident scenarios, there are no under- or overestimations. Solutions recommended through the analysis are adequate towards the real needs of risk reduction inherent in the plant. This avoids serious damage, as well as inflating the cost of implementing risk reduction measures.

Our experience in performing of risk analyzes is supported by the extensive list of completed analytical projects and references from various industries, including the chemical, petrochemical, mining, energy, or food industry.


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