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Functional safety - SIL assessment

The concept of functional safety is closely related to the operation and use of automation equipment responsible for the execution of safety-related functions in the technical system. To achieve the functional safety, the safety-related system has to operate properly and when a hazardous situation occurs, it must behave in certain way to keep the process in a safe state. It must also, at the same time, meet a number of detailed requirements defined by the functional safety normative documents (e.g. IEC61508, IEC61511). They are associated with the SRS requirements - Safety Related Specification and SIL - Safety Integrity Level, which need to be determined at the design stage.

SIL - required risk reduction

The specialists of ASE Technical Analysis Department can support all activities of functional safety management related to the safety lifecycle of industrial plants. The most important stages include:

  • determination of the required risk reduction for hazardous scenarios and specification of the required safety instrumented functions (SIF),
  • determination of the required safety integrity level (SIL) for the safety instrumented functions (SIF),
  • determination of the safety requirements specification (SRS),
  • assistance on the design process of safety instrumented systems compliant with the requirements of functional safety,
  • SIL verification in accordance with the requirements of functional safety standards (i.e. taking into account not only the reliability factors, but also the architectural constraints and the ability to avoid systematic faults).

In addition, we offer performing the functional safety audits. The advantage of this type of audit is the ability to identify actions that are or have been taken or need to be taken in order to ensure a uniform policy of functional safety management in an industrial plant.

Choosing our services related to the functional safety analysis, allows on meeting the requirements of standards in the field of functional safety management, which indicate the need of possessing the qualifications. Moreover the independence of the organizational tasks performed is guaranteed. Our specialists possess documented and certified knowledge and experience in the field of functional safety issues (Certified Functional Safety Professional by CFSE Governance Board).


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